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Classic Car of the Day (12/4/2017) @ $100,000 for 1985 Ferrari 308 GTSI QV 485HP NFF - AS SEEN IN FO

By Classic King | Tuesday, December 05, 2017 | Comments(0)

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As seen in Forza Magazine #159! ( Read all about this car here: All elements of this car - from its engine, to its suspension, braking, interior, exterior, cooling system - have been completely rebuilt using only the highest quality, modern parts. Accordingly, all of the problems and faults that typically cause the 308's reliability and driveability problems - from head gaskets, to oil leaks, cooling system problems, electrical issues, and expensive cam belt changes, among many other problems - have been eliminated to form a completely reliable, supremely drivable car that feels like a brand new, fresh off the lot 308 (even down to the interior's leather smell). Work on this car was lead by Nick's Forza Ferrari (NFF) of Custer, Washington. Akin to what Singer is to classic Porsches and what Eagle is to the classic Jaguar E-Type, NFF is the premiere shop for the restoration, enhancement, and modernization of the 308. Work is performed to the highest standards, beginning with computer simulated quality and design parameters, through exacting quality of build, attention to detail, testing, and delivery. Over $200,000 and four years time was invested in making this car a reality, about 38k miles are on the odometer, and only about 1,000 miles are on the new engine. For more information, visit:

Sold at: 12/4/2017 10:22
Sold Price:$100,000
# of Bids:1
Location:Los Angeles, California

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